9 Jun 2017

mandie_rw: (jane book)
Even if it's only a belt, haha. The Usual Suspects and I are crashing attending a "Victorian Picnic" at a 19thc house in Philly tomorrow, and since the forecast temp is 86, the Fugly Shirtwaist will be making another appearance. (..Yay.) I decided I might dislike it less if I wore it differently, so this time we're trying untucked with a belt. I made it out of navy blue cotton sateen, interlined with a layer of drill, and hand-sewed it because I was too lazy to rethread the sewing machine.

I am a special kind of lazy, yes.

I also did a quickie trim-and-reshape of the last of my stash of thrift-store straw hats. It's navy blue braid, and not quite the right shape for anything so it hadn't inspired me til now. I don't know how much shade this picnic location is going to have, though, so I was inspired to have a wider-brimmed hat than the tiny one I wore with this outfit last time! Tied down, it looks reasonably like the "country bonnet" types you sometimes see 1878-82 - at least, close enough for me. Tiny-brimmed hats were unhelpfully popular in the natural form era...

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