27 May 2017

mandie_rw: (me longwood)
(I realize it kind of sounds like I'm obsessed with this place. But mom and I are both enthusiastic admirers of public gardens - we're very lucky to have several fine ones in the greater Philadelphia area - and so we're members of LG, so why not go, and often?)

This weekend's the grand re-opening of the main fountain garden at Longwood; it's been a three-year, multi-million-dollar restoration project, taking everything down to the "struts" and then some. As members, we were able to go Friday for a sneak peek before the real crowds this weekend! And if you're in the mid-Atlantic region and think fountains and gardens are reasonably interesting, do go this summer! The fountains are lovely in the daytime but the nighttime show is really impressive. They can do fire in some of the fountains, and, come on, how cool is that? The quick daytime show played the overture of the Barber of Seville, and the half-hour night show was all-Beatles, so clearly this place knows the way to my heart. ;)

I meant to finish one of the approximately million unfinished vintage dresses that I have lurking in the sewing room...but didn't. Oops! Wore the lemon dress instead, and did a very lazy test run of one of my new snoods. (I am so not a hair person...) Someday I'll actually put the shoulder pads in... BUT THAT DAY IS NOT THIS DAY. I can't remember if I ever actually posted a picture of it when I made it last summer, so there you go.
me standing in front of fountains
(Also, someday I'll spring for a nice modern 6-strap garter belt. This one is vintage, with 4 elastics, and...it's kinda falling down on the job. Ha ha ha...groan. Didn't help that one clippie thing had unhooked itself entirely at that point and I couldn't fix it decently in public! Saaaaaag. It's tragic-looking.)

Today, I got a very pretty present in the mail from [personal profile] chocolatepot ; a shiny pretty green fountain pen! Forgot to take a pic of it in the daylight and it looks very anaemic in artificial light, so I won't inflict a pic of it on you tonight. But I love it! I feel practically obligated, somehow, to put green ink in it, so I'll be ordering some of that in short order.


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