14 May 2017

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Okay, so I was pretty lazy today and didn't manage to finish the bolero! Just have to hem the sleeves and make/put in the shoulder pads, though. It was very chilly and rainy today, so it took me a very long time and a few mugs of tea to get going on my sewing! (Not to mention flatly refusing to get out of my nice warm bed for ages.) Logically I know it's going to be about 95F for the air show, but it just felt very silly to be working on a bolero that went with a sundress when it was 50 outside! I'll finish it tomorrow. Really, I will.

Although I did decide to break down tonight, use my 50 off coupon, and buy the only dip pen we carry at my store! Just a little plastic holder with a no.102 crow quill nib, but hey, gotta start somewhere. So I've got a new toy and I can't promise that won't be distracting...

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I did finish the bolero! I spent waaay too long making shoulder pads this afternoon (Vogue will have none of your "store-bought prefabricated shoulder pad" nonsense); modern me thinks they look utterly ridiculous, but costumer me reminds her that shoulders were the Look in the 40s, and honestly they're not that big. They do look pretty silly when the bolero isn't on, though... xD

Gorgeous weather today - finally stopped raining, and just about 70 - it's going to shoot up to 90 very soon so mom and I took a nice long walk through the next town over, that is very rich and has tons of 19thc/ early 20thc houses...that's always a nice walk! Judging their landscaping/house paint color/etc is a favorite past-time. ;) Except in fine weather you have to do it quietly because sometimes people are sitting out on their porches and might hear you!

Made mom a Gashlycrumb Tines-themed card for today, because 1/ I am the worst at picking out cards so it's usually just easier to make them, and 2/ we both love Edward Gorey and think the Tinies are the Funniest Thing Ever (Gorey's sure not for everyone but he absolutely appeals to my sense of humor). And then we spent some quality time with the family for dinner - not too bad but Grandmom prefers it to be about 85 in the house at all times and it just puts me to SLEEP. And now I'm home thinking I ought to be sewing something, but...nah,

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