12 May 2017

mandie_rw: (me longwood)
I got my Dharma Trading box today (and then my roll of buckram etc.) with a chunk of lawn for lining, so I could actually spend my day off sewing! Imagine that. I cut out and sewed the skirt lining, then decided to make the bolero that goes with the dress, rather than the actual dress. Well, it's a lot less work but I'll still feel accomplished when I finish it! Unless I'm very lazy tomorrow I should be able to finish the bolero; I thought I'd get it mostly done today, actually, but the lawn and the shirting stick together very well. Great for not having to baste, but annoying when you're trying to tack down seam allowances and not sew through the outside fabric. Makes seam-tacking take much longer!

After I finish the bolero I'll attempt to dye my wool yarn (Michelle at the Indian King has bins and bins of it from when she used to do spinning demonstrations, and gave us all armfuls of it when we were there for dressmaking!), and then make the spoon bonnet form for [personal profile] miss_philomena . And then I'll get back to the dress!

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