6 May 2017

mandie_rw: (chintz dress spring)
I was yanking out a very firmly rooted attempt at a maple tree, and when it gave, I fell back on my butt onto a stump. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm going to have a bruised ass tomorrow. (Yes, you can laugh, I am.) Damn nature!

1950s print voile dress: 6 skirt panels have been turned into 3. Progress! I also tried on the bodice mockup (partly to avoid doing something else), and, shockingly, it fit very well. This doesn't generally happen right out of the pattern envelope. I will say, though, that the line drawings (and the pattern description) show it as slightly off-the-shoulder. Nope, that is very decidedly on my shoulder, thanks. Still cute, but I did want the look of the line drawing, so I just tweaked the angle of the shoulder seam and called it good enough.

Event at the Indian King tomorrow - not one in which I feature heavily, but two of the gang are coming over to crash it anyway - so I dunno what sewing I'll get done tomorrow. I'll just enjoy it not being anywhere near 90F, thank you very much. Silk dress time! Hm, should iron that...nah, I'll do that tomorrow morning. ;)

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