26 Apr 2017


26 Apr 2017 11:26 pm
mandie_rw: (jane book)
So I sort of forgot that mom and I had plans for tomorrow-day, and then I have work, and obviously I'll be busy most all of Saturday...so I have essentially one day (with work) to finish the new 50s dress for the opera on Sunday! Hmmmm. I did sew the basic bodice together today, but this seems unlikely. You never know, maybe it'll go together very quickly! Ha. Ha. Ha.

Why did I suddenly run out of sewing time? Welllllll, I've been wasting a lot of time the past two days learning all about fountain pens. Um. Is that weird? You see, I came across an article linked on FB about how it isn't really computers that killed handwriting...it was the rise in ballpoint pen use. Oh. Well, that makes sense, actually! Those things are no fun to write with. You might've noticed that I enjoy pretty, oldey-timey things (WHAT?! NO WAY), so the enormous amount of pen and ink options available make me quite gleeful! (Zillions of colors! Shimmery inks! Eeeeeee!) So I'm treating myself to a pack of disposable fountain pens from a delightfully helpful website I found (I say "treating", but it's $7.50 for three pens, so not a huge expense), to see if I like them.

...I may have found an even dorkier hobby than historical costuming. xD

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