21 Apr 2017

mandie_rw: (rose1950s)
I did get the mockup for my new 50s cocktail dress all fitted, woo and hoo. (As I mentioned, it's to wear to the opera next weekend. I know, opera dress isn't technically a cocktail dress, but as we usually go to matinees I'd feel like a total asshole in an opera gown! People in Philly don't tend to "dress" for the opera, so cocktail dress is even too fancy. But I have some standards, haha.)

I'm using a piece of red/green/taupe striped taffeta that's been in the stash for a million years; I think it was de-stash from Maggie? Maybe? I'd mentally earmarked it for a 1780s/early 90s jacket and petti, but since I'll probably never make that, it didn't feel too blasphemous to use it for something 20thc instead. ;)

It's going to be a very fun exercise in Making It Work - there was a piece just under 2 yards and a piece about 1.5 yards, and I wanted a full circle skirt. Yes, it can be done, by piecing in a line of stripes onto the width of the bigger piece and just cutting out a giant circle from it! Good thing this dress doesn't require sleeves...

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