20 Apr 2017


20 Apr 2017 11:48 pm
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Primary accomplishment for today was getting the car inspected; a real thriller. (Well hey, when you have a '97, it's always just a bit of a worry whether you're going to get the red REJECTED! sticker. But NJ inspection standards are a pretty low bar, so. So far, so good!)

I also finally got around to cutting out the rest of the pattern pieces out of the pin-dot cotton for the 1940 dress...it's been sitting on the floor for at least two days. Oops?

I also drove up to the Mt Laurel J, to track down the clearance trim I've somewhat ridiculously decided needs to go on a new 1860s dress. The spool was randomly in the bin of go-backs at work last night, and I said...ooooo this would be perfect trim on the horrible chartreuse green silk I bought for an 1860s dress last year! Naturally since it's clearance, it can't be vendor ordered, so I am now scouring the land for any and all yardage of this trim that I can get my paws on. My very rough estimate of ideal yardage was about 48 yards. That's quite a bit for clearance trim!
black loopy trim on a spool
(If any of you happen to be in your local Joann's and see this trim in reasonable lengths, buy it for me and I'll pay you back! No joke.)

And I say all this as if I'm actually planning to make a new day dress for this year. I'm not; I can't imagine I'll have time. But I can squirrel it away!!

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