17 Apr 2017

mandie_rw: (chintz dress spring)
I want to start sewing on some project, but pretty much everything is at the "still need to buy X for this project but I shouldn't do that til next paycheck" stage. Boring. The polka-dot dress for the WWII air show is probably next, but I still need lining for that (going to use cotton lawn, but I usually buy that in 10yd lengths from Dharma since it's cheaper, so that's a chunk of change). Might cut out the pieces for it tomorrow though.

So I made myself do boring housekeep-y things, like put away clean laundry that's been sitting for *mumble* days, do a couple of small sewing repairs that have been sitting around for months, hand-wash a few of my wool sweaters in preparation for switching out my winter clothes for summer...super exciting stuff like that! Woo.

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