3 Apr 2017

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I am blissfully unconcerned about nothing really being finished! It's all quite finished enough to wear, and I guess I must be fine with that! Especially as I spent my free time today puttering about in the garden (I think my new tiny tree is currently being flattened by the rain, oops) and scheming for a new, totally random project that I don't even sort of need. Ordered linen swatches though! Yes, it's a secret for now. ;) Mostly as I haven't decided whether I should try and squeeze it in this year or not. But I'm sure by next year I'll have lost all motivation for it, so, hmmm.

Things that are done: gauze trim on the petticoat, gauze trim on the gown's sleeve cuffs and neckline, and hemming of the crown of the cap and half the band. Not done: gauze trim on the gown skirt, twisted silk trim on top of all the gauze trim, the rest of the cap, the bows on the gown, tacking in the tucker and sleeve ruffles, and the mitts I was going to make. Ah well! If I get the gauze trim on the gown skirt, tack in the tucker/ruffles, and tack on the bows I'll look quite put together enough!

Also, a Very Important Question: should I bring the blue or the pink hair powder?? (I wasn't going to use the colors for risk of staining the cap and/or hat, but...oh, well, let's live dangerously. Especially as I shan't have a cap, haha!

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