31 Mar 2017

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I guess I'm making that 1860s fancy dress for reals now...I was browsing the FabricMart site tonight (as they have a very nice pyramid sale going on at the moment), and there was a taffeta that I think will work for part of the overskirt. And since with the sale it works out to $12/yd? IT'S HELL DRESS TIME, BABY.

*plays Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain incessantly from now til Gettysburg*

(Or at least, time to start gathering supplies for it!)

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Orrrrrrr maybe not. A little bit? I may stay up late and try and get as near to my daily goal as I can though.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, and I had all good intentions of coming home and sewing after that...but then I had FEELINGS that had to be expressed, which meant two hours of outraged online chatting with friends instead of sewing! Heh.

I actually liked it a lot more, overall, than I thought I was going to. Probably helped that I didn't have very high expectations, but hey. The additional songs/plot points didn't make me want to pull my hair out, and while I think they would have done better to follow the animated movie less slavishly, that actually didn't bother me too much either. Yes, there were silly plot holes, but whatever, it's a fairy-tale, I'm pretty forgiving there.

And the sets and costumes as a whole were just lovely!  I can't lie, I'll probably grab the DVD just so I can rewatch the opening party scene (ALL the saques! glorious) and the ones with the villagers (indienne prints everywhere! silly caps! silly hair!); I thought the costumes were a really good mix of historically-inspired while still being fantastic. And the Prince got some lovely 18thc suits when he was human. So, really, there was a lot more that I liked than I didn't...but what I didn't like I felt very strongly about! And I need to complain about it online, so.
I think that is all my feels! Now, let me go listen to the original soundtrack. ;)

Also, I can't lie, I want to do an historical version of the yellow dress now, haha! I've always loved the idea of Disney princess adapted to be historically accurate, though I know it's hardly an original idea at this point! Someday...

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