17 Mar 2017

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Finished the petticoat hem tonight finally - too lazy to put it all on tonight so maybe I'll do that tomorrow to mark the gown hem. Or maybe not. ;)

Today I got my white striped organza in the mail, yay! Except it's definitely ivory, not white. It's even a bit darker than it shows in the photo. Oops! Ahh, PureSilks, you never fail. :P
flower printed fabric and striped fabric
To be fair, it's still pretty, and if I didn't have such a white dress I would probably try to pass it off as a "natural white" without much compunction! It's too obviously not-white when in proximity to the chintz print, though. I want a white cap! I never did settle on whether to buy the gold striped organza for my hat or not, so I'm quite happy to use this on the hat instead, and I'll just buy some solid organza from one of the sellers I know who will not be so free with their color names, ahem. So maybe I'll be more inspired to hat-trim tomorrow. We'll see!

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