11 Mar 2017

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You will, I am sure, pardon the sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and cropping of my head. It was not a good day to have my face on camera, LOL. Actually put it on over the intended under-petti this time - taffeta instead of linen. Makes a difference!
18th century dress in progress without sleeves
Today I stitched down the lining edges as far as I could without having yet done the shoulders/sleeves yet...I wanted to double check the fit before messing with sleeves. Getting there! I did decide that I want to add about 4" to the skirt, though. When I tried it on with shoes (it's in flat feet/fuzzy socks here) it's at that awkward is-your-skirt-slightly-too-long-or-did-you-mean-to-have-a-sweep? length, and I'd rather commit to a sweep, since this isn't a remotely practical outfit! I'll probably wear the skirt looped up most of the time, but I'd like to have the option.
18th century dress in progress back view
This will, of course, mean a slightly awkward pieced-in strip of fabric at the bottom, with the print going crossways, as I only have long strips left with the print going vertically! Whatever, it won't be very noticeable, and that's so 18th-century. *is unfazed*

I have, however, changed my mind a bit about trim. I really want a flounce of some sort on the petticoat, and with self-trim that's not an option (unless we're talking a flounce that's 1" wide, which, no, we're not). Gauze trimming, however, is incredibly popular in the 70s, if you ask the fashion plates, and I have about 4 yards of Dharma organza left in the stash - the stuff that's perfectly fine on the straight, but I flat out refuse to try hand-rolling curves on it anymore. Goes all widgey and isn't worth the trouble! Ugh. (It seems to behave itself pretty well when ripped cross-ways, so I'm going to live dangerously and rip all my trim rather than hemming, because I don't have time to hem a million miles of organza.) I did at first question if gauze was too fancy a trim for a cotton print, but I did find a 1778 Galerie des Modes plate of a gauze-trimmed polonaise of indienne, so I'm calling it good enough. Plus, that's me thinking of cotton prints in 21st century-terms ("that's a bedsheet") rather than 18thc (expensive imported fabric)! Quite fancy enough for gauze, I think.

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