6 Mar 2017

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I put on my stays (small victories) today and got the mockup fitted; I futzed with the seamlines of my 1770s base pattern to get that little flare-in-and-out on the center back pieces, so I wanted to make sure nothing funny had happened. Took a little bit out of the side back seam so a mockup wasn't a complete waste of time!

And I cut the mockup from my lining linen, because I'm smart like that. ;)

So I got the bodice pieces all cut out and pinned together...I didn't try to line up the patterns at all, partly as it's a very wind-y, vine-y design, partly because they wouldn't have bothered in period, and partly because I'm cutting the bodice and sleeves from pillowcases, so as to leave the rest of the fabric for gown skirt and petticoat! So I'm being very stingy with fabric. I do in fact have enough for said petticoat, as last time I posted I'd forgotten that it's a king-sized set. Juuuuust enough! The giant pillowcases help, LOL. I'll basically be working with scraps for trim, but if I can squeak out enough to go round the neck and sleeve cuffs I'll be perfectly happy.
cut pieces of 18th century bodice laid out on floor
I narrowly managed to avoid placing a flower right over a boob, which is something I generally try to avoid. I meant to add a tuck in the chintz to make it look like there was another seam on the side-back piece...but I forgot while merrily cutting away, so it is what it is!

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