4 Mar 2017

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So I finished up the 1780s split rump today, since there was no sense in putting it away half-finished (it's a damn rump, how long can it really take me, even hand sewing? come on) despite not wanting it for my tea outfit anymore. Well, finished minus a hook on the waistband, as I prefer to do that over stays rather than a big fat sweater, and it's too cold to take off said big fat sweater atm. (Yay! Cold!) Tried it on and threw a petticoat over, and...hmmmm.

Didn't take a picture, but the petticoat very decidedly falls into the "buttcrack" of the rump, which is...not a great look. Regency wedgie shots are funny and all, but I'm not sure I want to look like my skirts are stuffed in my buttcrack ALL the time. I think it's partly because my particular hip/butt shape pushes the pads more out to the side than I want, and partly because the pads need to extend further toward meeting in the CB on the outside. Really I need a split rump that is only halfway split...? Okay.

The shape of my pads is similar to the one Aubry and a few others have made - obviously that isn't a shape that works very well for me, though! I'm going to try stitching just the very outside corners of the pads together at CB; if that doesn't work, anybody want some rather heavy couch cushions? :P Not TOO fussed if I can't use this one, just marginally annoyed, as I don't actually need it now. Silly skirt supports!

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