2 Mar 2017

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Decided to start on my new 1780s rump today - like all the cool kids, I want a split rump. My old one is fairly tragic, anyway. And I can't get moving on my dress for the tea til I have my skirt supports sorted! Logic, I has it.

I contemplated being sensible and making it out of white linen, in case I ever want to wear a sheer white petticoat over it...and then I figured, nah, I'd just make a white under-petticoat in that case. xD So I dug some light pink linen out of the stash and used that. I did some haphazard measuring, so we'll hold off on pictures of it til I see if they actually worked out, haha. I'm hand sewing it because I put away the sewing machine after I finished my 1890s stuff, and was too lazy to set it up for this! I'm a strange kind of lazy, I know...

(Apropos of nothing, TCM is currently showing What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? I haven't watched it in ages, and man, is this one creepy-ass movie! Those two old broads are great.)

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