1 Mar 2017

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Pictures of shifts are WILDLY exciting.
18th century shift on a dress dummy
My cross-stitch initials came out HILARIOUSLY large...I don't think I've done any cross-stitch in close to ten years, so I made the initial x's bigger than I should have done, but didn't really realize til I was done the W. And at that point i wasn't about to unpick and redo, so hilariously large initials it is! Also horribly messy, but that should be a given, haha. I copied the letters off this 1760 sampler...mostly because it was hi-res enough to actually see the stitches!
closeup of cross-stitched initial letters
Okay, it looks deranged up close, but I like the overall look! I'll probably take the time to initial my undies from now on...just, uh, with smaller stitches. xD

Unrelated: Cute shoes! For my 1940s summer dress. They're not in pristine shape, but for $10 I really don't care. (Also, they were sold as 7s, while I suspect from the fit that they're actually 7.5 - not marked, so I can't be certain. Still, they're comfortable and the strap precludes any flying shoes, so that's fine.)
red leather peep-toe 1940s-style sandals

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