20 Feb 2017

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(Yes, I did start the second panel of the painted petticoat, and almost finished a repeat)

antique singer industrial sewing machine
I don't know anything about it, as I haven't looked up the model number yet, nor poked around in the box of Stuff that came with it. Haven't even plugged it in, though I've been assured it does work. It belonged to the grandmother of a woman I work with, who owned multiple machines, and my coworker's parents have had them since she died; they wanted to get rid of them, but to someone who would use and appreciate them. "Would you be interested in an antique sewing machine?" WHY YES. Just give me the one that works, please and thank you.

She did tell me it was a treadle, though...no, that would be an electric cord wrapped round the machine, haha. Not to mention the attached lamp! It's ok, I'm also happy to have an antique industrial Singer! That weighs about 10,000lbs. In case we weren't already planning on hiring a moving company when we move out of this house (in the distant future)...we sure are now! Heh.

Even if it doesn't work, the ENORMOUS table also fits my current machine on the other end, so I'm quite happy to have gotten a sturdy (very, very sturdy) sewing table for 50 bucks. ;) Now I just have to clear a space for it near an outlet...

Pay no attention to the giant stupid reindeer plushie in the background. That is Not Mine.

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