19 Feb 2017

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Had a lovely day down the shore at Ocean Grove with mom today (and got no painting done, but hey)! Lovely unseasonable 70-degree February day. We drove up for lunch, walked around looking at all the pretty Victorian houses and hotels, and then walked up to Asbury Park, and sat on the boardwalk for an hour and a half, people watching. Things of note: group of short guys attempting to put up a volleyball net on the beach for at least a half-hour, an amusing pair of banjo-and-bass buskers that played three songs in an hour and a half but still made at least $20, a pair of asshole Napoleon-complex small dogs whose owners insisted on standing in the middle of the boards for 20 minutes while their dogs snapped and barked frenziedly at every single other dog that came past (I was hoping the Great Dane from the other end would come down and eat them, but no such luck. IT'S NOT CUTE WHEN YOUR DOG'S AN ASSHOLE, FYI), and a sperm kite. As you do.

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