18 Feb 2017

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Hmm, I might not have taken yesterday as a free day if I'd both looked at the weather forecast (spring! I want to play outside!) and remembered that I had an open house at the Indian King today. So, no painting time today, and very little if any tomorrow, since mom and I are going to the shore for the day (we aren't often free the same days so when we are we like to hang out!). Ooops. But back to the grindstone on Monday, I promise!

Open house at the IKT was a 18thc chocolate-making demonstration - from the Betsy Ross house, none of us are that knowledgeable LOL - and I was happy to stand and yap at people since I got a cup of 18thc-style chocolate out of it! Noms. Wore the cross-barred wool, as that's still fun and new, and because the sleeve ruffles happened to be still basted in that and I was running late this morning. *shifty eyes*

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