7 Feb 2017

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Or; Gee, I Really Don't Like Taking Pictures, Do I.

Robin's doing slightly more detailed posts so I'm taking that to mean I don't have to!

I drove out to Robin's Friday night, even though I live close enough to the city that doing so meant I was about three times further away from the rink and restaurant than if I'd stayed home. But any excuse to hang out with Katherine, you know.

We had lunch at City Tavern that the Coccagna-mobile was horribly late for, as it got stuck behind Mike Pence's motorcade. F you, Mike Pence and the motorcade you rode in on! *scowl* NOBODY HERE LIKES YOU.
people sitting at table in a colonial restaurant

Read more... )  through the magic of technology, as she couldn't make it down for the weekend and was missed! And then I drove home and left my hatpin jar and teapot warmer at Robin's house, because of course I did.

I don't really have enough pictures of my outfit for a proper blogger post (and basically none of the shirtwaist sans cape) so I want to go out and get them either Thursday or Friday, depending on what we get in the way of snow on Thursday. I'm not going out to get them tomorrow as we're set to tie or break the record of 63 degrees. O_o. Snow sounds like a better environment for a plaid cape...

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