6 Feb 2017

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It seems I have simply legions of fans (lol), so I suppose I'll keep truckin' through my current slump in journaling and try to stay active for the time being. I do appreciate all your nice comments. :)

The next big event is Jenny-Rose's Big Hat Party; I'm kicking around ideas but I don't feel the need to start actually working on anything yet. Plus I'm waaaaaay overdue on making Taylor's painted petticoat (uh, I did start it??) and I got an order for another one this weekend, so my next couple of weeks will pretty much consist of a lot of painting!

Fairly certain I want to attempt a 1780s portrait hat a la the Duchess of Devonshire (although I don't think I want it quite that large...); I know it's your "standard" 18thc Big Hat, but dammit I think they're rather fabulous. The accompanying outfit is currently doubtful. At the moment I'm inclined to finally finish off that russet and blue silk stripe revamp, since the poor thing's been in the UFO bin for YEARS at this point. But I could also fix up my orange and blue gown (that I made in 2011 and would probably HORRIFY me if I looked at the construction/fit now...so that might be more work than I'm willing to do!), wear the chintz Dress In A Day, or wear the painted petticoat/green stripe jacket. I don't think I'll want to start a new dress from scratch when I have a hat to engineer too...but you never know when inspiration will strike! ;)

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