30 Jan 2017


30 Jan 2017 11:16 pm
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Overwhelmingly crappy day today, though I did finish the shirtwaist apart from the hooks to fasten the collar - has to be tried on to do that, and I didn't really feel like it when I came home tonight. One fairly big thing went badly, and then the rest of the day was a lot of little annoyances that just kind of piled up.

But we got a really nice snow squall this afternoon (it looked like we were inside a snow globe for about 20 minutes, it was snowing so hard with big flakes! then the sun came out again, so weird), and I did some retail therapy at my favorite thrift store where I have good juju for wool sweaters. At least that didn't fail me! as I came home with 9 tops (for under $40, which is me going absolutely shopping-mad), 3 of which are some snuggly type of wool sweater (angora, mohair, etc), and 2 of which are silk.

Yeah, I'm a natural fiber snob in my everyday wardrobe too. ;)

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