28 Jan 2017

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I got the body of the shirtwaist sewn together this afternoon. So far nothing appears to have gone horribly wrong, which is always good. I (very resentfully) French seamed the side and shoulder seams, since this taffeta likes to give off little wifty threads, and nobody likes their garments covered in little wifty threads. I exceedingly dislike French seams, as I always, ALWAYS manage to get threads from the first seam sticking out of the second, and the side seams here were no exception. Feel free to mock my thread-y side seams. This is why flat-felling is my preference but sometimes you just don't want another seam showing on the outside, hmph.

I also put in a tape just below the waist. The pattern doesn't call for it (like I'm paying much attention to pattern details ha ha ha), but I'd say a solid 90% of extant waists I've seen so far have some kind of drawstring/tape/tie to hold the waist in...which makes sense! I made drawstring casings for the back pieces, and then made a buttonhole at the side seams so the tape is outside the waist to tie in the front. This will make more sense when I take pictures of the waist...

I did take slightly less terrible petticoat pics today too, just 'cause. And trimmed some of the threads that were coming off the bottom of the cheapass eyelet (thanks joann's).
closeup of white eyelet on petticoat

side view of late victorian white petticoat with ruffle

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