12 Jan 2017

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Seriously, this flannel.

I was hoping to get the waistband put on today, or at least pinned on, but nope. I wanted to put the pocket in the side back seam, but turns out it's too far forward on the hip, and so would be way too obvious. FINE I'LL MAKE IT AN ASS POCKET grrr. So the tacked-down edges had to be unpicked and resewn, and I had to figure out an appropriate shape for a butt-pocket, and then I was out of time for sewing. We'll see what  can get done tomorrow...

Oh, and I've decided to be hideously lazy, and use the companion shirtwaist pattern to my Butterick skirt pattern. I don't currently have it, but tracked it down with very little trouble for $4 on etsy, so I will have it soon! I know, I know,a shirtwaist is really not that difficult...but any time I don't have to figure out a standing collar on my own, I am a happy little seamstress. Plus it's even got the wee sleeve puffs that you only see in the last couple years of the century, which are just what I wanted! Of course I haven't seen the pattern pieces yet, but so far I am tickled that Butterick managed to (accidentally?) put out a couple of very decent historical patterns! Sleeves and collar alone are worth the $4 IMO.

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