11 Jan 2017

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Plugged in again (wooooo I managed to buy the right charger cord, go me), so let's play catch-up. (I've been sleeping in horribly late so far this week, so I am not maybe as productive as I should have been, but I'm still getting over that nasty cold? Excuses?)

I've decided to cheerfully disregard any and all new underwear (except the combinations) until after I finish the outfit. Do as I say, not as I do... I can get away with wearing my 1860s corset for now and finishing the 1898 corset later, I think, because 1/ I have no figure, and 2/ I'm making a shirtwaist not a fitted bodice. My 1860s is probably the best option since it's got a straight busk rather than the spoon busk of the 1876 model. I really ought to have a proper turn-of-the-century petticoat, but can definitely make do with something out of my stable of petticoats for now if I have to.

So with that decided, I figured I might as well jump into the actual outfit! Here's a (somewhat washed-out) pic of my fabrics:
navy flannel, burgundy check taffeta, and plum wool fabrics
Blue flannel for the skirt, checked silk for the waist, and plum wool for the jacket (if I get around to that. Winter was apparently very short this year...so I probably won't exactly need said jacket).

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